Monday, July 12, 2010

Matt's Photography Blog

I just wanted to share with everyone what Matt has been up to.....


If you know anyone getting married, or just in need of photography, feel free to show them his blog :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bennett Matthew Reynolds!

He is here! Bennett was born yesterday (May 17th) at 11:55am. He was 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. We are really excited and thrilled that he is so healthy.

My Labor:
I was really nervous about being induced (not sure why, I just didn't know what to expect). They started my Pitocin around 8 - 8:30ish. I got my epidural around 10:45 and was fully dilated and ready to go by 11:40. After the doctor got there, I gave it 3 pushes and he was out! So my full labor lasted about 3 1/2 hours. Second babies are terrific! Recovery has even been better than with Kaiya, I feel like this has been all too easy :) Just can't wait to take him home!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We made some white cake for strawberry shortcake this last week, and we got some out last night, and while Matt and I were in the living room eating some, Kaiya took the opportunity to help herself :)

** I uploaded a lot of pictures tonight, so that is why the next posts are kind of random and from a while ago.


Kaiya has really been into being "pretty" lately, and yesterday, this is what she insisted on wearing... My Scout shirt, her dress, her necklaces, and her tutu. Then she walked all over saying "pretty, pretty, pretty...."

Valentines Day

My mom made this cute apron and doll crib set for Kaiya for Valentine's Day. She loves them!

Valentine's Cookies!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know that it has been SUCH a long time since I have posted.... I am sorry! I have been so busy with work that I can hardly breath, but it is such a blessing, so I won't complain.

So first, Christmas.... This year was the first Christmas we decided to just stay home. It was really nice. It didn't take much to please Kaiya, she got a few necklaces (because she always wants to wear mine), some animals, cars, play food.

We spent Christmas eve with my parents, and we headed for Cedar City to see Matt's parents the day after Christmas. It was such a good nice long break Matt didn't have to go back to work until Jan 4th, so it made for a good 2 week break.

Next, Baby #2
For those of you who don't know (there maybe a lot of you, we have been horrible about telling people), we are expecting baby #2 in May. We found out Thursday that its a Boy!!! I am so excited! Also, everything looks good so far, the ultrasound seemed normal and he seems healthy. He kicks and wiggles ALOT less then Kaiya, so I am optimistic that I he will be less wiggly, and actually cuddle with me after he is born...

A Funny Story
So I just had to tell this story, because I was floored when it happened (it wasn't funny at the time). Anyway, on Monday, Kaiya was being horrible. When she has really bad days she just won't let me sit down to the computer and work at all, so I pulled out my laptop and I sat on her toddler bed with her in her room while she watched a movie. Well I had to get up to go to the bathroom and do one thing, so I closed the laptop and set it on my rocker in her room. When I came back, not more than 5 minutes later. I came back and the door was closed (she doesn't close the door unless she is doing something that she knows I wouldn't want her to do) I opened the door and she had put her step stool up to the dresser and ejected the DVD we were watching, opened up my laptop, put the DVD in my laptop and was watching her movie..... I of course wigged out on her, because she knows all too well that she is not EVER supposed to touch the laptop. The second she saw me, she tried to bolt. I was floored, I had no idea she knew how to do any of that.... ahhh!

Well, I will try to be better about updating the blog! I hope everyone is doing well!